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Program Manager - Delivery


Interested in joining Boson Labs but don't see the right job opening? No problem!

Tell us about yourself and what you would like to work on. Use this application form to pitch your position and why you are an excellent fit for our team.





The mission of our organization is to accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain technology across the globe. We aim to prove a blockchain DeFi framework in which most cutting-edge traditional projects can leverage the DeFi fundamentals for one another's benefit, thereby multiplying their benefit to society as a whole by building the future of identity, privacy, financial markets, commerce, and more. At the core of this work is TREE PROTOCOL - a platform for stable coins with a compliance layer with different governance and capability levels.

It is an opportunity to work at the forefront of technological development and shape society's future for the better.

There are several roles we need but are not actively hiring for yet. We are a lean team with a flat organization. You will be working closely with team members in the USA, India, Singapore, and remote locations.




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